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    Welcoming guide.


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    Welcoming guide. Empty Welcoming guide.

    Post  Metorrite on Mon Jun 18, 2012 8:05 pm

    Hello everybody !

    Today i will show you a guide of different things in server, things that u might wonder about. So please follow the guide and enjoy !

    Spellbooks and Prayer Switch

    Spellbooks, it is very easy i will show you with pictures.

    Welcoming guide. Z10

    Welcoming guide. K10

    Regulare just press one of the altars until u have it.


    Turmoil, SoulSplit
    Welcoming guide. O10


    Press the Portal
    Welcoming guide. A11

    And kill every monster
    Welcoming guide. K11

    And recive the gloves in the chest
    Welcoming guide. Uten_n12

    And there u get ur gloves
    Welcoming guide. Kk10

    Or you can go to PestControl, how to get there is to press the teletab that says : Minigames Tele, then press PestControl.

    To see the price click on Void Knight under Exchange
    Welcoming guide. O12

    And when u have collected ur points then go and click on Exchange again and buy one of these
    Welcoming guide. Uten_n11

    That is how u get your gloves


    First, the easiest one ! Rock grabs, how to get there is by clicking on Monster Teletab in your Spellbok and then rock crabs. Now it is just to train like a baws !
    Welcoming guide. A10

    There are so many different ways to train, but we highly recommend traning at Rock Crabs until u get up to lvl 90 + 110. Then u should go to slayer. I will show u how to do that.


    First off, u need a TASK. This task will u get from Duradel at home. U talk to him.

    Welcoming guide. Lolz10

    After u have agreed to get a slayer task, this will appear.
    Welcoming guide. Lolz11

    Now go and kill the monsters u have been assigned to kil. When u are done, go back to Duradel and get another task. PS (Sometimes u will need high lvl in one spesific skill to kill that, and that beast)


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    Welcoming guide. Empty Re: Welcoming guide.

    Post  Guest on Tue Jun 26, 2012 4:50 am

    GREAT GUIDE ZENITH!! but i need you to update them all to new home man sorry :/

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